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The history of the Michigan Warriors Hockey Program

The Warriors Begin

The Michigan Warriors Hockey Program (MWHP) was created in June 2014 after almost six months of countless hours and effort from dedicated individuals.  The Founder, Josh Krajewski spent every day emailing, calling, and meeting different people in the business, hockey, and Veterans communities to identify interested Disabled Veterans or those with Purple Hearts who would be interested in becoming a part of the inaugural MWHP 2014 Summer Clinic.

While actively engaging the Metro Detroit community, Krajewski met Carol Schwanger, the Head of Disabled Hockey for Michigan Amateur Hockey Association.  Ms. Schwanger would prove to be an invaluable asset to creation of the MWHP, and through her local contacts in the hockey community was able to secure ice time, equipment, and jerseys for the Disabled Veterans.  The MWHP started off with a six-week, “Get To Know You” type clinic for who would turn out to be the original members of a long-lasting Veterans program.  The Program now holds weekly skates of practices as well as games against local men’s and women’s teams interested in playing a fun, competitive game with the Warriors. 

MWHP President/CEO Josh Krajewski