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Equal Opportunity Policy

A. It is the policy of the Michigan Warriors Hockey Program not to discriminate against any program participant, or any employee/agent because of age, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity, creed, disability, national origin, race, religion, or veteran status.

B. The Michigan Warriors Hockey Program will take action to ensure that this policy is implemented, with particular regard to: advertising, application procedures, assignments, classification, leave, recruitment, social activities, training, and working conditions.

C. The Michigan Warriors Hockey Program will continue to make it understood by the entities with which it deals, and in employment opportunity announcements that the foregoing is organizational policy and all decisions are based on individual merit only.

D. It is the policy of Michigan Warriors Hockey Program that all organizational activities, facilities, and volunteer sites are non-segregated. Separate changing facilities will be provided to assure privacy whenever possible.

E. It is the policy of Michigan Warriors Hockey Program to ensure and maintain a working environment free of coercion, harassment, and intimidation at all volunteer sites, and in all facilities at which its members are assigned to work.

F. Any violation of the policy should be immediately reported to a team Captain, Manager, Coach, or Board of Directors